What is it?

BúnBúnBún is mega, so good they named it thrice. It’s not one of those Vietnamese BYOBs that you go to simply because it’s a “Bring Your Own” – it’s a great Vietnamese restaurant in its own right. Inside the decor is industrial, minimal and casual all at the same time. White, exposed brickwork and exposed bulbs yet it still has an authentic Vietnamese restaurant/cafe vibe.

If it’s good enough for Bourdain and Obama, it’s good enough for us.

What should you get?

The food here is fantastic (obviously as it’s listed on this site). You MUST get the spring rolls to begin with or as a side, super fresh ingredients, with the crispiest coating, they’re perfect for dipping in the accompanying dipping sauce.

Vietnamese Summer Rolls
The BEST Vietnamese Summer Rolls in London

As well as spring rolls, check out the Vietnamese summer rolls which are more fragrant, have a much lighter wrapping and are probably a bit healthier (if you’re into that?). These have to be the best summer rolls we’ve ever had – blowing Wagamama’s out of the water.

Bun Ha Choi
The Main Event – The Bun Cha Hanoi from BunBunBun must be tried

The Bun Cha Hanoi is their signature dish, beautifully seasoned and flavoured frilled pork served with noodles and a delicious broth. If you’ve seen the Barack Obama episode of Parts Unknown then this is what they’re eating. If it’s good enough for Bourdain and Obama, it’s good enough for us.

If you’re looking for a curry dish you can’t go wrong with the coconut chicken curry.


Located on Kingsland road, just around the corner from Hoxton station – you’ve got no excuse not to go if you’re visiting or live in the Hoxton, Haggerston or Hackney area. On a lunchtime on weekdays they do a £7 lunch deal which is worth checking out – you can get a main for just £7. We recommend booking BunBunBun ahead, especially if in a group on a weekend as it’s a local favourite.

Go there 🗺️📍

ValueReally good – especially for the Bun Cha Hanoi
SettingCool & casual
Corkage£4 pp (they also serve their own alcohol)
Closest stationHoxton

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